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We facilitate the production of documents for almost any occasion; identity documents, civil documents, travel documents, financial documents, certifications, etc. Be it an ID Card, Driver’s License, Traveler’s Passport, Visa, Residence Permit, Employment Authorization Document (work permit), Declaration of Birth (birth certificate), Marriage Certificate, etc, we are the best middlemen you can find to help get the documents for you conveniently and timely. We are a network of 100+ plus professionals located in 114 countries and have access to various document issuing authorities.

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We are an independent group of specialized IT professionals and database technicians based in the USA and we are specialized in facilitating the  production of passport, SSN, license, I.D cards, Birth certificates, diplomas and many other documents of very high quality and other services. We have been producing passport, license, SSN, I.D cards, Birth certificates, diplomas and other documents for over 150 countries. (North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa).

what we do

Our Expertise

We facilitate the production of your  documents of all types. All of our products are printed on high-quality printing machines, they have valid holograms, secret features, and have been passed under UV light and other verification equipment. 


Our service is 100% guarantee and safe, we have years of experience in the production of original passports and with a portfolio of over a million passports made for the past 15 years. Having a passport with us is safe and secure, our services are authorized by the governments we work with your passport will take 7-14 days to be delivered .

ID Cards

Real documents online produces, original ID Cards for many countries around the World. Our ID Cards are of the best quality and authenticity as all of our documents are made and issued by the government authorities of the Issuing Card country. The ID Card is made within 7-10 days, the ID Card will be registered on the database system and can be verified.

Drivers License

We make the driving license for everybody, even if you haven’t lost your driving license, we can still make for you without any problem. For countries with a driving license that comes with points like France, we shall be able to retrieve your driving license even after the loss of all your points. It will take 7-12 days to produce your drivers license to you.

Citizenship SSN Certificate

Citizenship and SNN Certificate

we make citizenship of any country a possibility. Citizenship implies complete identification papers and the citizenship documents signed and attested by the official authorities. You shall be recognized as a citizen in the country you require to be a citizenship holder. Your citizenship package will come with; ID Card, Driving License, Passport and the citizenship document signed and recognized by the legal authorities.

IELTS and TOEFL Certificate

It also works in partnership with The British Council & IDP learning Systems. We shall be able to offer you an original IELTS & TOEFL Certificate from the comfort of your home. For the IELTS Certificate, we have two module programs ( Academic or General Training ).  our assistant shall take you through the procedure and modalities step by step till you receive the certificate

id card

Other Documents

Our company has years of experience producing passports and other identity documents. We use high-quality equipment and materials to produce counterfeit passports. All secret features of real passports are carefully duplicated for our falsified documents. We are the best producer of quality documents. With over 3 million of our documents circulating over the world.


Why People Trust Us

Our long experience, modern production and distribution processes, committed team and network agents all over the globe make sure that al your documents need are satisfied in a timely way


Everything is done online from the comfort of your home/office via your computer or mobile device. No need going through various offices and waiting in line to get any document you need. You apply online, furnish us with all requirements, make payments and just wait for the finished product to be posted to you.


At times it might take you weeks or months to get a document via the usual channels but if you pay for our express services, you get it in as little as one-quarter of the usually expected delivery time.


No risk at all. Our real documents are 100% legal and safe since they are issued by competent authorized issuing authorities. They are database registered and will pass any tests/verification just like any other genuine document. We assure our customers 100% satisfaction and guarantee.We have the best machines, with 13 million+ documents in circulation


It is no secret that most documents are complex to get. At times you might not know the exact requirements, which answers to provide to questions asked, the exact office to go to, the mount to pay, where to pay, etc. Our expertise and experiences lift that burden off your shoulders. The only responsibility you have is to provide information and we handle the rest.

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We have many documents in circulation worldwide:

Drivers license
citizenship,SSN, IELTS and TOEFL Certificates

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If you encounter any difficulties with our order form or have any other enquiries and questions  get in touch with us now our committed  support team is always very ready to give you the support you need.

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